Our Connect platform

We keep your business connected 24/7.

Our integration platform is engineered to connect apps and data from various systems, ensuring uniform access across all organizational devices. We enable customers from various industries to harmonize their data through our platform, unlocking a future of greater connectivity and business efficiency.

Our Features


Connect applications and data across your organization.

API Management 

Navigate the API lifecycle: design, document, publish, and analyze APIs in a secure environment.

Master Data

Unleash the full potential of your data by taking a 360-degree view of your operations. 

Data Preparation 

We collect, clean, and label raw data in preparation for easy processing and analysis.

AI & ML Analytics

As innovators in AI and Machine Learning, our advanced models empower predictive insights across a wide array of subjects.

Analytics Engine

Empower your analytics with a versatile engine capable of handling anything from descriptive analysis to complex AI algorithms.

Use Clappform Connect as your iPaaS 

We offer a completely integrated digital experience on a single platform. Our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) integrates your applications and data, allowing all of your business and IT processes to work together effortlessly. 

1. Data Integration

We provide practical solutions to guide your business through seamless digital integrations. By transitioning to a cloud-based solution, you can obtain higher-quality data, streamline your processes, save time on administrative tasks, and gain real-time insights.

2. Analytics Engine

Clappform enables you to maximize the value of your data. Our sophisticated AI analytics analyzes both structured and unstructured data, allowing you to acquire useful insights from all of your systems and show them within your own Clappform application. You no longer need to rely on monthly reports and can instead make use of our user-friendly analytical dashboards with organized insights.

3. Actionflows

At Clappform, we understand the importance of automating your business processes. With Clappform Workflow, you can streamline your business processes and gain precise insights into your company's performance. From managing the status of all ongoing projects in your organization to sending simple email notifications, Clappform Workflow ensures you stay informed at all times.

4. Data Visualization and Data Export

We empower you to tailor your data presentation to your preferences. Your data and insights are elegantly visualized within a user-friendly application, designed to meet your unique requirements. Collaboratively, we'll determine the best way to display your data. 

Curious to see Connect in action?

Feel free to get in touch with us for a personalized demo or further information about our solutions. 

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