Clappform Connect serves a wide range of businesses, from retail to public services. Connect provides valuable system integration solutions wherever autonomous systems run.

Our key Industries


Make better-informed decisions by receiving real-time information to be able to help citizens in the best possible way.  


We provide solutions for housing corporations to improve the quality of life in each neighborhood.

Real Estate

Gain useful insights into your commercial and residential real estate assets, portfolio, and spatial surrounds.


Discover crucial data into your items, inventories, and online retail environment for e-commerce.

Banks / Finance

Leverage intelligent systems and AI to provide you with in-depth financial analyses. 

SMART Economy

Smart cities and buildings are evolving into the modern norm, and offering data integration and management on a unified platform will be key. 


By connecting data sources and creating customized purchasing experiences, you can meet expanding consumer expectations.

Current users of Connect

We're pleased to support organizations from diverse sectors in pursuit of innovation.

and many more...

Curious to see Connect in action?

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